Jinhua Jinshun Tools Co., Ltd. has been developing vigorously for more than 20 years, and its business volume has become increasingly large. In order to meet business needs, Zhejiang Westul Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2023 and became a subsidiary of Jinshun Group. Zhejiang Westul Trading Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the import and export of power tools, committed to providing customers with high-quality, innovative power tool products. We have rich experience and professional team to meet customers' needs in various industrial and daily applications.

Main business: Our main business covers the import and export of power tools, involving a wide range of products, including but not limited to power tools produced by Jinshun Tool Factory. The main products are plug-in hot air guns, electromagnetic spray guns, and HVLP handheld Spray gun, HVLP split spray gun, blower, welding gun, electric roller coating machine, lithium electric hot air gun, lithium electric HVLP handheld spray gun, lithium electric circular saw, lithium electric jigsaw, lithium electric single hand saw, lithium electric impact drill, lithium electric screwdriver, Laser dust collector and hand tool series, etc.

Our Mission: Through continuous innovation and providing excellent products, we are committed to helping customers improve work efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve higher quality of work.

If you have any business cooperation or consulting needs, please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to create a better future.

Our Factory

Jinhua Jinshun Tools Co., Ltd was established in 1996, with a possession area of 42,000 square meters, and construction area 63,000 square meters, Our annual output is more than 4 million pieces.

We are specialized in manufacturing heating tools, painting tools and other DlY household tools.

Our painting tools include Solenoid Spray Guns, Cordless Spray Guns, HVLP Floor Based Spray Guns, HVLP Handheld Spray Guns, Electric Paint Rollers, etc. Our heating tools include Soldering Guns, Heat Guns, Heavy Duty Hot knives, etc. Our household tools include Electric Blower, Multi-Purpose Sharpeners, etc.

All our products are exported to Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, Middle East and Asia, of which are over 80 countries. We enjoy good reputation for our strong innovation ability. We have established long-term cooperation with universities on R&D, which ensures us to present new series of products each year. Before Oct. 2023, we have obtained more than 100 patents. Moreover. we have rich experience in OEM and ODM projects.

We, Jinhua Jinshun Tools Co., Ltd. appreciate support and cooperation from our customers and sincerely hope that the business relationship will be continuously growing in future.

We warmly welcome new customers from all over the world to visit us and to get a better understanding of our company. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Product Application

AC hot air gun: Provides high-temperature and high-pressure hot air and is widely used in various industrial processing and maintenance tasks.

AC Solenoid spray gun: Innovative electromagnetic technology ensures spraying accuracy and efficiency, and is suitable for the coating industry.

AC HVLP handheld spray gun: High volume and low pressure technology makes spraying more precise and is widely used in woodworking and automobile repair fields.

AC HVLP floor based spray gun: The split design provides greater flexibility and portability, suitable for various spraying needs.

AC Blower: Powerful suction and blowing functions for cleaning, drying and vacuuming tasks.

AC Blower: Powerful suction and blowing functions for cleaning, drying and vacuuming tasks.

Electric roller coating machine: Provides efficient coating solutions and is widely used in the construction and decoration industries.

DC heat gun: Combined with lithium battery technology, it provides portable high-temperature hot air, suitable for outdoor use and compact spaces.

DC HVLP handheld spray gun: Innovative lithium battery power system makes spraying more flexible and convenient.

Laser dust box:The laser dust box uses advanced laser technology to effectively collect and filter dust and particles in the air. The lightweight design and easy-to-clean features create a clean and healthy working environment for users.

Lithium-electric impact drill, lithium-electric circular saw, lithium-electric screwdriver, lithium-electric impact hammer drill, lithium-electric single-hand saw:Our range of lithium power tools includes impact drills, circular saws, screwdrivers, impact hammer drills, one-hand saws and more, with powerful power and long-lasting battery life for a variety of construction, repair and decoration applications Task.

The above products are carefully designed and subject to strict quality control to ensure excellent performance and reliability for customers. We are committed to continuous innovation, meeting the diverse needs of our customers, and providing efficient and advanced power tool solutions to various industries.

Our Certificate

100% products have GS/CE/EMC/RoHS certificates, and more than 80% of our products have approval of UL/CUL/ETL. In 2006, we obtained IS09001, S014001, JS018001 certifications which are issued by TUV Rheinland. And we became member of BSC from the year of 2008, our ID is #8297.

Invention patent: wireless DC electric spray gun, quick loading and unloading electric spray gun, etc.

Utility model: a combined fan, polishing and waxing machine, etc.

Appearance design: electric spray gun, rod fan, hot air gun, etc.

Our business scope covers all continents, with average annual sales reaching US$50 million. North America accounts for 38%, South America accounts for 20%, Europe accounts for 16%, and Asia accounts for 26%.

Pre-sales service introduction:

During the pre-sales stage, we are committed to providing customers with comprehensive, professional consultation and support to ensure that customers can make informed purchasing decisions. Our pre-sales services include:

Product consultation: Our professional team will provide customers with detailed introductions to main products such as electric spray guns, welding guns, and hot air guns, including performance characteristics, applicable fields, and technical parameters.

Customized solutions: Based on the specific needs of customers, we will provide customized solutions to ensure that the selected products can best meet the customer's working requirements.

Technical support: Our technical team will provide customers with professional technical support and answer questions about product use, care and maintenance to ensure that customers can fully utilize the performance of the product.

Sample Demonstration: We will provide actual demonstration of the product to help customers better understand how the product works and how to use it, so as to make a more informed purchasing decision.

In-sales service introduction:

During the sale stage, we are committed to ensuring that our customers' shopping experience is smooth and enjoyable and provide all-round support to ensure customer satisfaction with their purchased products. Our in-sales services include:

Order tracking: We will provide real-time order tracking services to ensure that customers can understand the order processing and shipping progress at any time.

Delivery Services: We work with reliable logistics partners to ensure products reach customers safely and on time.

After-sales support: Our after-sales team will provide support to customers at any time to answer questions about product use, troubleshooting, etc.

After-sales service introduction:

In the after-sales stage, we always pay attention to the needs of our customers and provide customers with continuous and efficient after-sales services to ensure that customers are always supported during product use. Our after-sales services include:

Warranty Commitment: We provide strict warranty commitments to ensure that products can be repaired or replaced free of charge during the warranty period, thereby protecting the rights and interests of customers.

Remote support: Through remote technical support, we can solve the problems encountered by customers during use more quickly and directly and improve the efficiency of problem solving.

Regular maintenance reminder: We will help customers extend the service life of their products and improve work efficiency by regularly reminding customers to perform product maintenance.

Through all-round services before, during and after sales, we are committed to establishing long-term cooperative relationships with customers and providing them with comprehensive and professional power tool solutions.

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